FIRST TIME IN INDIA WISH TECH will do a video with painting of your portrait

Whatever may be the occasion … Wish Tech is always there to Ionize the unique gift ideas to bring surprise and smile to your loved ones.
You tell us the occasion and your wish, we will cater that your wishes are converted to real time ideas.
The importance of developing a Mobile Websites and application is experienced as the numbers of users are increasing day by day.WISH TECH will help you to build your fully customise mobile application across various platforms.
WISH TECH has got a team of professional and experienced designers and artists creating innovative art effects and personalized gifting ideas. We have been lending our expertise to gifting companies, event marketing companies, greeting card manufacturers, publishing houses, advertising agencies, and other individual clients in India and abroad.


Turn your casual photos to masterpieces! Our Paintings are a product of a unique combination of art and technology. They are digitally hand painted with visible brush strokes and oil effects. And to ensure the feel, they are printed on high quality canvas using state-of-the-art technology.


Go for the unique gift! Caricatures, the fun filled, cartoony versions of the model(s), are a different gift, executed in art, and lasts forever. Personalized and unique, Caricatures impress people like no other gift does. For, they bring out the character in a person, and all drawings include a body situation of your choice. When you gift them, they show that you care.


Adorn your walls with classic strokes. Our true-to-life pencil portraits capture special moments for the future.


Keep your memories alive! Get your loved ones image painted in a classic portrait style. Our digital portrait painting will help you get multiple copies of the portrait at a lesser cost.
With a company name like WISH TECH – Ionizing Ideas, your problems are our business. And we love the challenge! The team at WishTech is committed to consistently provide innovative and worthwhile solutions to our clients’ needs.